A healthy, quick, easy and budget friendly green smoothie recipe using spinach, fruits and lemon!

Green Smoothie Recipe

I always thought healthy green smoothies were complicated and expensive to make.  At least, for them to taste really good.  I make green smoothies once every other week and I’ve been making them for about two years. I always get questions about my green-cup-of-goodness.  I drink this smoothie as part of my breakfast, as a […] Read more…

5 Drug store beauty must haves you need to try right now!

5 Must Try Beauty Products from the Drugstore

“I’ll be down the makeup aisle”.  Ah, just a few of my favourite words :).  Some people believe great makeup is expensive.  I disagree.  Some of the best makeup products I repurchase time again are from the drugstore.  It also makes buying groceries a whole lot better!   Last week I posted about bold colours on […] Read more…


Old Meets New: Bedroom Redecorating Makeover

My thoughts on redecorating… Now’s the perfect time to get into the mood of spring cleaning and bedroom redecorating.  There’s nothing like freshening up a space that hasn’t been given a lot of attention in 5 years. Has 5 years really gone by without a makeover??  I can’t believe it’s been that long.  The wait is […] Read more…

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