It’s that time of year again.  The struggle has returned: finding a Mother’s Day gift.

After roaming the web at various gift guides, I couldn’t possibly imagine buying many of the items I’ve seen for my middle-aged, traditional, Vietnamese mother or grandmother.  A DIY photo frame, “I love you” necklace, or pretty travel mug are out of question.  With the special occasion only about a week away, let’s celebrate all the amazing mamas who have taught, nurtured, and molded us to become the woman we are today by sending them a gift!


These gift ideas are not limited to Asian moms.  I just happen to know my mom would enjoy many of these items not commonly seen on gift guides because she owns nearly half the items already from previous gifts :D.  Some items may seem like “stereotypical” Asian products but the truth is, 1. She’s a stereotypical Asian mother, ha! and 2. They’re practical and great ideas anyway!  These items are not necessarily the *glitz and glamour* of gift giving but are products that will be appreciated just as much. The items are from my affiliate link but all opinions are my own, as usual.

A Mother's Day gift guide for the Asian mothers/ grandmothers in your life. A practical list that includes affordable and splurge items!

  1. Chopstick set with rice paddle: Kicking it off with some Japanese chopsticks and rice paddle.  Their drawer might be full of them but it’s one of those things you just can’t have enough of.  Plus, these ones come in a cute set!
  2. Ipad/ Apple device:  Some of the most used electronics in our home are the iPad and iPhone.  Upgrading her device will be much appreciated. 
  3. Money tree/ indoor plants: There’s nothing like some fresh greenery to brighten up the room and will last much longer than a bouquet of flowers.  Added bonus: the money tree is a symbol of good fortune and good luck.  
  4. Massage chair/ massage device: The priciest and largest item of the batch.  This is a splurge item that could be a group gift.  This gift idea came about when I saw my boyfriend’s mother fully relaxed in this recently purchased chair.  Perfect for the hardworking women who need to be pampered.
  5. Corelle dinerware set: They’re lightweight and practically indestructible.  They’re the only dishes we use in the house and frankly, the only ones I want to use. A mom could never resist a few more.
  6. Stainless steel steamer/pot: For the cooking women.  It’s no surprise many Asian families like to steam their foods.  Yams, dumplings, pork buns, fish… We love steamers and steaming.
  7. Skincare products: If your mom is into beauty then some brightening and anti-aging skincare products are amazing gifts.  Who doesn’t want supple, youthful, skin?  Try Shiseido, Lancome or Amore Pacific.
  8. GardenHome tool set with stool:  For the green thumbs. If your mom is like mine, she will appreciate some new garden tools. What really sold me was the little stool!  How practical is this all-in-one for those gardening days?
  9. iRobot Roomba cleaning vacuum:  My siblings and I gifted this item to my parents a few years ago and it has been a great investment.  If you know the struggle of having pet hair everywhere, you’ll appreciate this robot so much more.  A little less cleaning for mom? Mmhmm.
  10. Rice Cooker/ Hot water dispenser: Can’t go wrong with kitchen appliances.  Zojirushi and Tiger are the cute little elephant and tiger brands I grew up seeing around my household.  Trusted and well-known appliance brands are the way to go.  

Although this is a Mother’s Day guide, it will work for birthdays or ‘just because’ gifts as well! If you can relate to this post, send me some comments!  

What are you getting your mama?