Cold Canadian weather makes for super dry skin.  I’d label myself as normal/dry skin type so I have to deal with dry skin all year round, but especially right now.  To top it off, we received a huge shipment of snow (and mega freezing temperatures) from last week’s snow storm. I’ll be staying indoors today thank-you-very-much!

I have a quick and easy exfoliating mint chocolate lip scrub you can create at home to help with those dry, flaky lips or used as a prep scrub for lip colours.


Although my face and body get really dry, I always find my lips suffer the most.  I wanted to share a DIY lip scrub I’ve been using.  With the liquid lipstick trend going on, I’ve been testing out several lip stains and liquid lipsticks. I have mixed feelings about them.  LOVE the color payoff and long lasting formula but hate the way it completely dries out my lips and stains between the cracks of them. Ew. However, this scrub makes taking off lip colours a breeze while leaving them nice and exfoliated! Links below are affiliate.

On my lips in the above photo is Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip in Creeper.  Really love this stuff. So red. So bold. But such a pain to take off. I rubbed off what I could with a makeup wipe and it’s usually quite messy.  Lips are feeling like a lost cause at this point. I used the mint scrub (twice for stubborn high pigment colours) and wiped it off with a damp paper towel.  What I like about this is that I can do all this right at my vanity, especially on those days when I can’t settle on one lip colour. Once it was all off, I proceeded as usual with a lip balm.

This is such a simple lip scrub and costs hardly anything.  You will probably have what you need in your pantry already.  I’m a lover for mint chocolate so naturally I gravitated towards using mint. Don’t mind the large sized coconut oil and cocoa powder.  My home is very Costco friendly :).  Enjoy!

Let’s make it.


You’ll need:

Mix up all the ingredients.  It’s easier to use a bowl and then transfer the mixture into a small lidded container.  I like to make small amounts. After a week or two, discard it and make a new batch for the next week.  Adjust the amount of the ingredients to your liking. More minty? Add few more drops of mint.  Too abrasive? Add more oil. Although this lip scrub isn’t the prettiest to look at, it works and smells nice. Use a dime sized amount and scrub your lips in circular motions for about a minute then rinse or wipe it off. Repeat if necessary. I always add a lip balm right after scrubbing to hydrate them.  Try this Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment afterwards.lip-scrub-mint-chocolate-diy

Lately, I’ve enjoyed this scrub before applying a drier lipstick or liquid lipstick for a more flawless and smoother application. After I’ve taken off the lipstick I will use it again.  Use whenever you feel it’s needed 🙂  Lip scrub – lip balm – lipstick – repeat.  I’ve also read that mint oil can plump up your lips.  So if you’re into voluptuous lips, bonus!


What kind of DIY scrubs have you used? Leave me some more ideas to try!