I always thought healthy green smoothies were complicated and expensive to make.  At least, for them to taste really good.  I make green smoothies once every other week and I’ve been making them for about two years. I always get questions about my green-cup-of-goodness.  I drink this smoothie as part of my breakfast, as a pick-me-up during the day or when I’m on the fly and out the door.  

A healthy, quick, easy and budget friendly green smoothie recipe using spinach, fruits and lemon!

A batch can last two people up to 2 days, however, it’s best consumed immediately.  It’s simple and loaded with great foods to keep you on top of your fruits and veggies intake, but also keep you energized and hydrated on those busy days.  I particularly notice a difference in my skin when I drink this stuff so I try my best to keep up with it.  Since this is a “smoothie” and not a green “juice”, it’s quite fibrous and quickly regulates the body.  It’s also budget friendly so it won’t break your wallet while getting healthy.

Alright, I don’t particularly love the taste of spinach and kale.  I find it 100x easier to drink a smoothie than eat a hefty salad everyday.  Tell me I’m not the only one. I’ve included some optional ingredients for added health benefits.  Measurements will depend on your personal preference and blender size.  Just adjust to your liking! My blender affiliate link is below.



Easy Mean Green Smoothie
Yields 8
A quick, fresh and budget friendly green smoothie recipe
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Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
10 min
Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
10 min
  1. 3 cups water
  2. 150g frozen spinach (or kale)
  3. 1 cup grapes
  4. 3 medium apples (or pears, mix of both)
  5. 1 lemon (squeeze juice)
  6. Handful of parsley (optional)
  7. Slice of ginger (optional)
  1. Add water and leafy greens (if using unfrozen) to a blender on low speed. Add grapes, apples, other fruit. Pick up the speed to medium and add frozen spinach. High speed for 1-2 minutes. Serve immediately.
  2. Makes 8 cups (full blender 64oz).
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The man of the hour is by far the blender I use to make this.  The Oster VERSA I use shreds up frozen spinach in a pinch and liquefies like a dream. I never struggle with ice or frozen fruits/vegetables getting stuck on the blade.  This is important for me because I prefer to use frozen spinach.  It’s inexpensive, about $1 for a 300g packet and I can stock the freezer with them for when I feel like a smoothie.  The recipe above uses half the package (one block), but many times I use the entire 300g which makes it thicker.  What’s also great about frozen fruits and vegetables is that I don’t have to add ice. I almost always have the basic ingredients in the fridge – apples, lemon, pears, grapes -or I use whatever is in season so making green smoothies can be pretty easy.  Store bought juices and smoothies can get pricey, but using frozen fruits and spinach keeps the costs down while maintaining great nutrients.  I even freeze my grapes.  Where I am, buying grapes during the “off-season” months costs more than all my ingredients combined! Madness.


The most important ingredients are the leafy greens, lemon, some sort of sweet fruit or a medley of sweet fruits and a base liquid.  Personally, I like my smoothies loose.  I’ll add more water to balance out all the fibre from all my ingredients.

Store in a lid tight container or mason jars and enjoy!  Share me your fav healthy smoothies!