Transform ordinary plastic toy animals into practical and fun gold pieces for your desk or vanity to hold your pencils and makeup tools! Simple, quick and fun DIY using gold spray paint!

DIY Animal Pencil Holder and Decor

You see these little plastic animals when you walk past the kids’ aisle of the dollar store but they never quite catch your eye.  They’re usually jammed inside a plastic sack and serve no purpose for a full-grown person…  But here I am, two sacks later and another can of spray paint :).  I’m kind […] Read more…


Old Meets New: Bedroom Redecorating Makeover

My thoughts on redecorating… Now’s the perfect time to get into the mood of spring cleaning and bedroom redecorating.  There’s nothing like freshening up a space that hasn’t been given a lot of attention in 5 years. Has 5 years really gone by without a makeover??  I can’t believe it’s been that long.  The wait is […] Read more…


DIY Gold Quoted Makeup Brush Holders

I swear you can fancify everything with a little bit of gold. Fancify will be the word of today’s post. This little DIY project will glam ordinary glass vases into gold quoted beauty containers for your desk or vanity! I’m excited to share this brush holder DIY with you! I’m in the process of redecorating […] Read more…