These tasty, tangy and decadent tarts are simple, require few ingredients and are made from an avocado based filling!

Key Lime Tarts

Happy summer!! Those who know me know that I enjoy baking cakes, cupcakes, and cookies!  Every so often it’ refreshing to make a dessert that doesn’t require any baking.  What I love about key lime tarts and pies is the sour, tangy flavour from the limes.  I love all things sour!  Sweet and sour, it’s kind […] Read more…

These delicious and delicate buttery cookies will be your new favourite treat! These piped flower cookies are the perfect gift for any special event! Hello spring and summer!!

Whipped Flower Butter Cookie Recipe

These whipped flower butter cookies literally melt in your mouth!  I made these beautiful, colourful cookies around Easter for my family but they’re the perfect treat for Mother’s Day, birthdays, special occasions….or any time of year, really.  The buttery goodness infused with extracts (mint being my personal favourite) make irresistible treats for friends and family.  […] Read more…

A healthy, quick, easy and budget friendly green smoothie recipe using spinach, fruits and lemon!

Green Smoothie Recipe

I always thought healthy green smoothies were complicated and expensive to make.  At least, for them to taste really good.  I make green smoothies once every other week and I’ve been making them for about two years. I always get questions about my green-cup-of-goodness.  I drink this smoothie as part of my breakfast, as a […] Read more…

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