These delicious and delicate buttery cookies will be your new favourite treat! These piped flower cookies are the perfect gift for any special event! Hello spring and summer!!

Whipped Flower Butter Cookie Recipe

These whipped flower butter cookies literally melt in your mouth!  I made these beautiful, colourful cookies around Easter for my family but they’re the perfect treat for Mother’s Day, birthdays, special occasions….or any time of year, really.  The buttery goodness infused with extracts (mint being my personal favourite) make irresistible treats for friends and family.  […] Read more…

A cherry blossom nail art design will be the perfect spring & summer look! Use this step-by-step, easy tutorial and customize your colours for any occasion! Formula X The Systems is the perfect kit to any nail art!

Cherry Blossom Nail Tutorial

There’s something feminine and exquisitely beautiful about cherry blossoms.  It really is a magical sight; a landscape of soft pink flowers and delicate floral scent during the Spring.  This is starting to sound like a perfume ad.   Before I run off topic again, let’s get into the Cherry Blossom nail art tutorial. Recently, I […] Read more…