Green is one of those fresh and springy ‘feel good colours’.  I’m not really one to venture into green eye shadows, though.  I’m more of a neutral girl but I love to play around with some pops of colour every now and then.  A teal colour can be pretty intimidating to use but it’s not too difficult to make bold colours more wearable.  I wasn’t going to post about this eye makeup look, but after I sat down to take a closer look, I really loved how it turned out!  That being said, it’s not a tutorial by any means – just a run through of my eye makeup products and short review :).  What’s great about this look is that it uses a lot of neutral shades that I use on a daily basis.  The eye lid colour can be switched out to your favourite colour – try blue, pink, or purple! I do this type of eye makeup with a pinky gold lid all the time.

Touch of teal eye makeup look for the holidays or spring! I share some neutral colours that will make bold colours more wearable.

Eye Shadow Swatches

Touch of teal eye makeup look for the holidays or spring! I share some neutral colours that will make bold colours more wearable.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette is an oldie but goodie.  The highlight shade I used on my brow bone is ‘Booty Call’, a pearl satin finish shadow, and still one of my favourites after all these  years. I used ‘Half Baked’, a glittery gold on the bottom lash line to keep it light and fresh. This palette and the Naked 3 are some of my favourite go-to’s.

Makeup Forever Artist Shadows are amazing products.  I use their basic matte neutral shades on the day-to-day.  They have a huge variety of shades and they’re some of my top shadows overall.  Shade 536 was used in the crease to start but mostly as a blending colour since it is a shade or two deeper than my actual skin tone.  A blending shade like this will help blend and diffuse any harsh lines.  Shade 636 was used in the crease as well, concentrating it in the fold of my lid. 618, the deepest brown, was used on the outer corners of the eyes for added drama and dimension.  

The teal/green eye colour is from a Sephora discontinued palette I got years ago.  Like I mentioned, I don’t gravitate towards green on the eyes so I haven’t touched any sort of bold green makeup in years.  However, I found an alternative from the Sephora Craig & Karl palette that looks just like the matte teal/turquoise colour I used. I packed this shade on the eyelid with a flat shader brush in two layers to build up the intensity.  

I topped off the look with a wing using Anastasia Creme Color gel liner in Jet and Velour Lashes in Lash in the City, some of my fav mink lashes eva! 

Touch of green eye makeup look for the holidays or spring! Make green a more wearable look!


I think this is a perfect look that makes green a more wearable shade, at least for me. How do you wear green or teal? Would you be interested in a full face makeup routine, a step-by-step tutorial, or more?  Let me know!

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Makeup Forever Artist ShadowsSephora Collection: Craig & Karl Colorful 5Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette